It’s amazing what you can grow in Aquaponics

I apologize for the interruption of my website.  It was hacked by some really nasty people and it’s taken me a while to get it back up to this point.  I will have to try to recreate each post from what I could recover so please bear with me. JCO

The date is the 1st Quarter of 2001 and Aquaponics Magazine has arrived at your computer and is now available for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to watch for a new post on a regular basis. We intend to pack each issue with articles of interest to all persons interested in Aquaponics (Aquaponist).

We ask that you comment on the articles as you please, hopefully with praise, however, if the criticism is your choice, that’s OK as well but only “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM” is allowed.

Feedback is the fuel that moves us to be better informed and precise in our reporting.

To the members of the Aquaponics Magazine Forum (coming soon) and to “ALL” who visit this site, “WELCOME”. We here at Aquaponics Magazine shall endeavor to deliver useful, timely and concise information that can be easily understood and useful to you.

Even though Aquaponics can be accomplished in many different configurations and combinations of equipment, it isn’t rocket science. It does, however, require an understanding of the basic principles inherent in the technology to ensure success.

We will attempt to cover topics of interest to all involved in Aquaponics in a fashion that is understandable to both “NEWBIES” (persons new to Aquaponics) as well as the more experienced and sometimes opinionated persons.

I ask that all who post here, please do not use abbreviations such as F/T, G/B, NFT etc. “UNLESS” you give an explanation as to the meaning of the abbreviation because it is our purpose to disseminate information to individuals who have the interest to learn, but may not be up to our speed as of yet. Be gentle and understanding with all who venture here.


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