Apr 20, 2016

I was a little hard pressed for all the articles I needed to fill all seven slots for this issue but ONE (Rich Feiller came through for me, thanks Rich) so with this particular subject, I decided to do a visual of some of the ingenious ingenuity of others who have the “AQUAPONIC BUG”.

Study each graphic carefully to see if you can find an idea therein that you can incorporate into your current operation or to add to your plans for your first project.







BarrelPonics anyone








Maybe the inhouse hobby setup.







Build it yourself inhouse or garage







Or throw up a greenhouse and go large.










A Do It Yourselfer in action








I sure hope the neighborhood doesn’t miss their








Yes, your fish should definitely help with the watering of the house plants








An example of a well thought out outdoor unit.







Looks a little rough but very functional.  Never saw a raft system using wood as the raft but I guess it works.



I think my favorite of all the possibles displayed is this one.  It
utilizes every inch of space which is important when it comes to economy of
growing your own food.

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