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  1. reb10163 says:

    just joined the mag, are their any posts later than 2011?
    I am looking to start my own system to sell products. Are there any suggested videos on the web that I should be looking at for suggestions. Please reply or send me an email.


  2. JCO says:

    rcsegraves, in response to your issue with the grow bed graphics, if you will notice at the bottom of the article you will find this statement:-

    All graphics courtesy of Google.com/images/

    As for where the graphics came from, I don’t inquire. If they are listed on Google Graphics and show a copyright watermark, I don’t use them, otherwise I consider them fair game.

  3. rcsegraves says:

    The last picture in your series is a view of one of the green houses at Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. It is a professional courtesy to give credit to the person or entity that built the systems you show pictures of.

  4. JCO says:

    Hey Immanuel,

    Are you a member of the DIY Aquaponics Forum? If not, now is the time to join as there are members on there from all over the world and I’m certain they can head you in the right direction for the Aquaponics setup you want.

  5. immanuel7069 says:

    i like the last picture, just like in growing power. hope you guys have a closer look on it. i really like to do that set up

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