2 Responses to “IN THE NEWS DOWN UNDER..! 2nd Qtr. 2011”

  1. JCO says:

    I say it now and have known it for some time; the interest in the technology of Aquaponics in Australia far exceeds that of what is seen in America. To me, that is unacceptable but I understand why.

    Americans, in general, have lost touch with the frontiersman spirit of our ancestors who built this country from the ground up. Millions of Americans are crammed in on top of each other in our cities and the fast pace of their lives leaves no room for thought of trying to grow their own food. Why grow it, it’s at the restaurant down the street and it’s already cooked!

    Well, America…you better dig your head out of the clouds because our prepared food source, store bought canned or restaurant style is killing you little by little…day by day and a shortage of edible food is already on the horizon and headed our way like a fast freight.



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