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  1. gosmith says:

    I’d like to see a more positive spin about the importance of AP without the doom and gloom guilt trip. For instance, we don’t need to know that automobiles are polluting the atmosphere in order to understand that growing food in your backyard helps reduce the amount of fuel used in transporting food from distant sources. We don’t need to know how bad the water pollution might be in Haiti in order to understand that AP systems offer a great advantage in water restricted regions by reducing irrigation needs by 90 percent or more,

    Many of us agree that humans are having a detrimental impact on the planet. Sadly, there are many others who really don’t give a rip but might be drawn to aquaponics for reasons that have nothing to do with saving the planet, such as the adaptability to urban environments and other places where dirt gardening, and certainly fish farming, are impractical.

    Thanks again for all your hard work. Best wishes on this new project.


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