2 Responses to “YOU BE THE JUDGE..!”

  1. mommyhen42 says:

    I dont see a problem you are DIY Aquaponics, did they patent the word “journal”???? But I am no lawyer

    • JCO says:

      Thanks mommyhen42

      Well I’m no lawyer either, “BUT I DID STAY AT A HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS ONCE” <:) Frankly I didn't see the problem either as I can't see how anyone could have ever made the mistake of thinking my publication was the same as theirs. However they must have had some extra cash just laying around getting moldy and decided to give it to an attorney and so they could flex their monetary muscle in a misdirected effort to protect their vast Mythological Aquaponic Literary Empire. If they would have waited a couple days they could have saved their selves some money as I said, I had been thinking of changing it to DIY Aquaponics Magazine anyway. <:~)

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