Red_Tilapia“AQUAPONICS..!” what did you say? “AQUA..WHO..?” “WHAT IS AQUAPONICS”..?

Simply defined … even though there is much more to it ~ “Aquaponics” is a sustainable food production system that combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics in a closed system with no wastewater worries.



Our planet Earth is constantly changing, unfortunately for the worse due to the atrocities committed upon it by the human race. Worldwide deforestation of its irreplaceable rain forests, pollution pouring into the atmosphere from a multitude of sources ie: automobiles on the world’s highways produced by auto industries that are only interested in the bottom line, factories and coal powered power plants pumping out air pollution as well as polluting the world’s most precious commodity besides air, “WATER”.

Unlike this year’s clothing styles and automobiles, the human race can not produce more air or water than what exists. In addition to the aforementioned, the human race is also responsible for the disappearance of our natural food supply found in Earth’s rivers and oceans, “FISH”.

With absolutely no concern for conservation, the human race continues to overfish our oceans in addition to unnecessary fishing such as Whaling (which is allowed by some governments of the world) without concern for the future of mankind. Due to deforestation and over-cultivation, the land masses of Earth are also changing; again due to our complete unconcern for what we do for the almighty buck.

Deserts are growing and topsoil is being washed into our rivers and oceans. Arabia, Barbados, Haiti, and Israel, are just a few of the countries that either has a shortage of water or water pollution is so rampant that clean freshwater is nonexistent. Right here in America, there are a number of States that have water problems such as the shortage of water in California or water pollution as found in New Jersey.


Food shortage is quickly becoming a global problem. Our problem here in America is the commercially grown crops produced by big corporations. The chemicals used to grow the crops in addition to those sprayed on them and then used to treat them after they are harvested is causing them to be more and more toxic to the human body. The human body, unlike that of the Cockroach, does not adjust well to poisons. Instead, we develop incurable cancers, heart diseases and other maladies that are all eventually fatal to us.


Learn how to grow your own food right in your own back yard, apartment, garage, basement, etc., “CHEMICAL FREE”. Through the use of the knowledge you can glean from the pages here at Aquaponics Magazine you can become self-sufficient and travel to the grocery store less and lower your food bills all at the same time.


Read ever article here on Aquaponics Magazine and study, study, study until you become your very own Aquaponics expert enabling you to grow your own “CHEMICAL FREE” food and to take care of you and yours!

So ~ Welcome to the show….

Pull up an easy chair, relax and stay awhile. Aquaponics Magazine will dissect the technology of Aquaponics and present it to you in easily understood layman’s terms. No matter what questions you have on your mind about Aquaponics this is the place to get the answers so Enjoy.


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